Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Windows Hotkeys

Windows Hotkeys
Since I am a big fan of hotkeys, I thought it would be a nice idea to put a near-comprehensive list together (through research aka googling) ~Smile~

Win = Start Menu, Win + Pause = System Properties,

Win + D = Show Desktop,  Win + M = Minimize all windows,  Win + E = Launch Win Explorer (@ My Computer),

Win + R = Run Command,  Win + Shift + M = Maximize all windows,  Win + L (XP) = Lock OS,

Alt + Tab = Shift between Windows, Alt + Shift + Tab = Shift between Windows (Reverse Order), Alt + Spacebar + N = Minimize current window,

Alt + F4 = Close Current Window, Alt + Spacebar + X = Maximize, Alt + Spacebar + R = Restore,

Ctrl+X = Cut, Ctrl+C = Copy, Ctrl+V = Paste, Ctrl+A = Select ALL, Ctrl+P = Print, Ctrl+ Shift + F10 = Shows Context Menu (Mouse Right Click Effect),

Ctrl+Esc = Start Menu, Ctrl + Shift + Esc  = Show Task Manager,

Application Specific (generally): Ctrl + S = Save, Ctrl + F = Find

@ Desktop/Win Explorer: F2 = Rename File,  F3/Win + S = Launch Search

Quick Hint: Those who hate typing long folder names/paths can simply drag and drop the whole entry from Windows Explorer Address Bar to Command prompt. (click on the left most end to pick)

Win Key is usually a key which has either the word 'Win' inscribed on it or carries the Windows amblem on it. Such keys are usually present on Microsoft specifc keyboards so if you are from Non-MS side of world and have a 'non-MS' keyboard then it may be difficult to find that key cuz' it may not even exist on the keyboard. In summary the presence of the Win key it really depends on the kind of keyboard that you have.

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