Tuesday, 26 June 2012

How to remove Windows XP Recovery virus

How to remove Windows XP virus

Windows XP Recovery is a fake computer optimization and hard disk drive defragmenter software. It blocks legitimate Windows applications, detects fake hard drive problems and displays various fake error messages that the computer’s hard drive is corrupt in order to frighten you into purchasing this useless application. Do not pay for the bogus software! Simply ignore all that it will display you and remove Windows XP Recovery from your computer as quickly as possible!

Windows XP Recovery is promoted and installed itself on your computer without your permission and knowledge through the use of trojans or other malicious software as you do not even notice that. Moreover, the authors of of the fake program may also distribute this malware on social networks (Twitter, My Space, Facebook, etc) and spam emails. Please be careful when opening attachments and downloading files or otherwise you can end up with a rogue program on your PC.

Once installed, Windows XP Recovery will be configured to run automatically when Windows starts. Next, the rogue does a fake scan of your computer then tells you it has found numerous critical errors, e.g. “Read time of hard drive clusters less than 500 ms”, “32% of HDD space is unreadable”, “Bad sectors on hard drive or damaged file allocation table”, etc. It will require you to pay for the fake software before it “repairs” your machine of the problems. Of course, all of these errors are a fake. So, you can safety ignore the false scan results.

In addition to the above-described, while Windows XP Recovery is running, it will block legitimate Windows applications on your computer and won’t let you download anything from the Internet. Last, but not least, the rogue will display numerous fake warnings and nag screens. Some of the warnings are:

System Restore
The system has been restored after a critical error. Data integrity and hard drive integrity verification required.

Windows – No Disk
Exception Processing Message 0×0000013

Critical Error
A critical error has occurred while indexing data stored on hard drive. System restart required.

Of course, all of these warnings are a fake. This is an attempt to make you think your computer in danger. Like false scan results you can safely ignore them.

What is more, Windows XP Recovery hides files and folders on your system drive (disk C by default).
To see all hidden files and folders you need to open Folder options (Windows Vista/7: Organize->”Folder and search options”->View tab; Windows 2000/XP: Tools->Folder Options->View tab). Select “Show hidden files and folders” option and click OK button.

As you can see, obviously, Windows XP Recovery is a scam, which created with only one purpose – to steal your money. Most important, don`t purchase the program! You need as quickly as possible to remove the malicious software. Follow the removal instructions below, which will remove Windows XP Recovery and any other infections you may have on your computer for free.

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