Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Review Summary

The Witcher 2

Assassins of Kings Review Summary 

Game Description: RED has taken the Witcher 2 to Xbox 360. The Polish publisher originally tested Microsoft's waters during the development of the now-cancelled The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf. But the real question has never been whether CD Projekt RED could bring their games to console, but how to transition a title so heavily intertwined with PC aficionados.
For all intents and purposes, The Witcher 2 isn't built to mimic the action-RPGs that have whet the appetite of the console market so far. Despite having been developed with a controller in mind from the start, the game never embraced the action-based twitchiness of its fantasy cousin Dragon Age 2. Even when it seems to allude to other hack and slash titles by sending out waves of enemies for protagonist Geralt to slaughter, it opts for a less beaten path than many will be used to.
A Witcher is tough, but he's not at his prime fighting state until he takes time to prepare for combat, which involves the brewing, meditating, or riffling through various things in your inventory to apply to Geralt. This is one of the things that make up the odd tempo of this world. Similarly the game doesn't reward speediness, or even cater to it entirely – rolls and dodges themselves are slower than anything comparable in DA and even Skyrim, and have their own particular, delayed cadence despite the fact that these defensive measures are crucial for success.

Assassins of Kings Review Summary 

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