Wednesday, 29 June 2011

About Helicopter Games

About Helicopter Games
Helicopter game was introduced into the market some few years ago and since its inception, many people have played it while there are still many people who play it to date. This sport is known as a flash sport and it is played by one player who flies the helicopter in a maze of obstacles. This is said to be one of the most popular versions of this sport and for you to play, you require no skills.
Helicopter game is available in various variations such as;
Bumper chopper; this is a sport that entails the use of a mini chopper that you need to fly around the world. This chopper has life power hence it does not die in case it touches anything making it easier and fun to play.
Dog flight is a game which involves fighting other helicopters so as to kill them. The more helicopters you kill the more points you get and higher chances of survival.
Sky chopper is also another variation of this sport where there are enemy copters that you need to fight and ensure that you ground forces. As you ground these forces, you will be able to collect more powers as you proceed with the play.
Helistrike is a part of the variations of this sport and it is one of the most played copter sport. In this variation, you have to destroy your enemy so as to collect items.
3D Space Hawk is also part of this sport and it boasts of the latest technologies in the gaming industry. In this sport, you need to sit in the arena of this helicopter and fly it. You also need to fight other copters as well as other vessels so as to collect items.
What makes helicopter game unique?
One thing that makes this sport unique is that it is easy to play. This is because you only need to utilize the services of the left button of a mouse so as to play this sport and that you only need to navigate your copter in the up and down motions. In order to take the copter upwards, you have to hold the mouse while if you want to take it down, you need to release the button. Basically, during this sport, you need to utilize the mouse button by pressing and releasing it lest it falls down and crash.

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